express! Pokemon Asia Vote for the Most Popular Pokemon

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express! Pokemon Asia Vote for the Most Popular Pokemon

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To celebrate the anniversary of Pokémon Day, Pokémon Thailand has organized a Pokémon Asia My Favorite Award event for trainers who are fans of Pokémon. They voted for their favorite and most popular Pokémon. Of all 898 Pokémon in different regions.

We're going to be ranking the Pokémon Asia My Favorite Award for the first time to celebrate Pokémon Day! Please let us know which Pokemon you like. Select Pokémon from numbers 1 to 898 and press the Vote button on the Pokémon Dex page.

Voting registration is accepted from February 19 to February 23 at 21:59 PM.Voting results are announced on February 27!

* Different Pokémon such as Region form, Mega Evolution form are counted as the same Pokémon.

How to vote

STEP01 Enter the Pokémon page And find the Pokémon you want to vote on

STEP02, then vote by pressing the Vote button on the page of your favorite Pokemon.

For voting by pressing the vote button during the voting period, it will count as 10 points, and viewing on each page will count as 1 vote.

* Vote counting with PV will count as 1 vote per person per day.

For those interested You can vote at the link below.

Click >> joker


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