Senators send Sikhs brushing to solve the Constitution iLaw, but still have channels to raise advantages to accompany

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Senators send Sikhs brushing to solve the Constitution iLaw, but still have channels to raise advantages to accompany

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Mr. Wanchai Sonsiri, Senator Gave an interview through television this morning saying At a joint parliamentary meeting to consider the draft constitutional amendments to the seven editions that will begin today It is likely that the Senate parties will accept the principles of the first and second amendments to the government's first and second constitutional amendments, and that the main opposition is to amend Section 256 to set up a constitutional constituency (Sen. The new version, part 4-6, may leave each Senator free to consider.
As for the Government Amendment Draft, slotxo the public presented or the iLaw edition, is likely to fail to qualify for the principles. Although the preliminary will agree on the content But after considering some points, it was found that if taking the principle, there may be a problem. It's called a legal forensics issue rather than content. Because if the principle has been accepted But the Commission's amendments could not rule out potentially problematic content, such as the abolition of independent organizations. It may cause loopholes at least 7-8 months before the new law has come up, etc.


However, considering the iLaw draft amendment to the constitution, it was found that it still had considerable advantages. In which the commissioner can bring up the good points of the iLaw edition to accompany the amendment Especially new innovations that are different than other editions, such as the election innovation, senators and senators that make the country a constituency, etc.

“If the outside council doesn't have too many prejudices, then Sketch 1-2 is covered. We look at the law for reasons. Initially, it was discussed at the preliminary level that all three figures were combined of Ilaw, but when looking at the idea of ​​Ilaw's drafting, Agenda 2 was cut off, it would not be against the principle. The independent organization cuts 7-8 months of loopholes, once the principles are accepted, they cannot fix these. It's more of a legal forensics matter than content. If you just look at the content, you can accept it. "

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