Apple's smallest size is a one-phone user's dream.

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Apple's smallest size is a one-phone user's dream.

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In 2020, the phone is big. Even small is big. The iPhone 12 Mini is wonderful because it's not big. It was truly tiny when Apple announced the Mini alongside the iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, it was an amazing moment for a small phone lover like myself. For a long time we wanted Apple to make a truly tiny iPhone in the veins of the original iPhone 5, 5S or SE.Earlier this year, Apple had little hope when it launched the new iPhone SE, which took the brains of the iPhone 11. The Pro comes packed into the small body of the iPhone 8, it's a solid phone for the price. But it's hidden inside Three years design

Obviously, when you do something smaller, there is a trade-off, and I'm holding on to wonder what features Apple sacrificed to make a smaller phone in 2020, but the iPhone 12 Mini has everything the iPhone 12 has - it's only smaller. It has the same flat-sided design, supports 5G, and an OLED display with HDR support.The screen is covered with an Apple ceramic shield, the unit has an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, and supports MagSafe wireless charging and accessories. It has the same A14 Bionic processor, runs the same iOS 14 software and also has the same camera, the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini are the same phone. But there is little and no

The iPhone 12 Mini has a 5.4-inch display for $ 729 (£ 699, AU $ 1,199), while the iPhone 12 has a 6.1-inch screen and costs $ 829 (£ 799, AU $ 1,349) if you have the phone activated on a person. Provide mobile service, when you buy that price is $ 30 off.Plus, the carrier runs a lot of deals and discounts on these phones, especially if you trade in your old one.A couple of weeks ago, I did an in-depth review of the iPhone 12.Since it's the same phone, all reviews have worked. So, for this review of the iPhone 12 Mini, I wanted to see if the convenience of the given size comes from the sacrifice of features I'm used to with larger phones, such as all-day battery life. Spoiler alert: No, and it's easy to get CNET's Editors' Choice.Overall, its small physical size, intuitive navigation in iOS 14, and a high screen-to-body ratio make this compact phone almost perfect ... to me, but it might not be for you. The small screen is great for one-handed use. But you may not find it suitable for reading or viewing documents. Many people will find that the keys on the on-screen keyboard are too small. And that's why there are iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Still, Apple nailed the DOWNLOAD SLOTXO iPhone 12 Mini as a one-handed phone user's dream. And it's nice to see Apple as big on a small phone.The iPhone 12 Mini is actually small.With its flat aluminum sides and glass back, the iPhone 12 Mini looks like a premium iPhone 5, which is a very nice thing. In fact, it's not much bigger than the iPhone 5 and smaller than the 2020 iPhone SE.The 12 Mini has a higher screen-to-body ratio than the SE, which is great for watching videos or just having more information displayed on the screen, for example. Special conversation threads in the Messages app The back glass picks up fingerprints and dust easily. If you're going to put this in this case, it's not a big deal. But without it, you will have to bear CSI: Miami, your own personal crime scene.Like the rest of the iPhone 12 family, you'll either love or hate those boxy sides. I think it's amazing, especially for a phone of this size. The side allows me to hold the phone securely without effort. The flat edge also means that you can stand the 12 Mini on its side to take pictures or watch videos.

Compared to the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, the display looks small, especially next to the 6.7-inch screen on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.For some, that small screen would be a reason to stick with the 12, but for others like me. The smaller display is the main reason to get the 12 Mini.Using my thumb to move the wipers, I can reach every part of the screen. Satisfactory Even with slightly larger phones like last year's iPhone 11 Pro (which has a 5.8-inch screen and isn't that big), I can't reach every part of the screen. And if I try to get to the top, inevitably I have to flex my thumb or loosen the grip and drop the phone.There's a clever software help bar in iOS to help with one-handed use called Reachability.You swipe down on the bottom edge of the screen, and whatever on the top of the display moves to the middle for you. Accessible That mode works fine. But it can be boring when you have multiple interactions in a row at the top of the screen.

The iPhone 12 Mini's compact size makes it naturally accessible. You can use iOS Reachability on the iPhone 12 Mini, however, which is meta.I found that one-handed printing on the 12 Mini was faster and more accurate when printing on large screens with one hand. During my week with the iPhone 12 Mini, I barely made any typos. My friend, who often gets a stream of typos and edits in our threads, must think that I've finally learned how to type.CNET's Vanessa Hand-Orellana once told me that the phone isn't very small unless it's. The "portability" pocket on my clothes fits on most phones. But I know a lot of people whose clothes don't have pockets, and when doing so, those bags can be small.In my iPhone 12 Mini test, I found the smallest pocket in my household, which is the inside pocket of my jeans ( Fun Fact: It's called a pocket watch) iPhone 12 Mini has mixed results. Fits in the pocket But the top sticking out For the record, I don't know of any generic phones on sale today that can fit into your pocket watch.

There's a big camera in the tiny iPhone 12 Mini.Fortunately for us, the portability of the 12 Mini does not come from the camera hardware cost. In fact, the 12 Mini has an ultra-slim wide-angle camera and the same selfie camera found on the iPhone 12.They capture great pictures and videos and consistently deliver great pictures.The Mini can also record up to 4K video. 60 frames per second and up to 4K 30 fps in Dolby Vision.Having all these cameras integrated into such a small device had a questionable effect: I used more of them.The 12 Mini is no less dominant than taking photos or videos with larger phones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


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